Valley King Properties is a real estate brokerage that specializes in apartment rentals and home sales. We have been working with buyers, sellers, and renters in the Phoenix Valley since 1994. Hundreds of apartment communities pay us to rent their vacant units, so we offer a free and easy to use service where we assist tenants in finding housing that best fits their specific needs.   Apartment communities give us their pricing and availability, we get exclusive tours with property managers to really understand what their community has to offer, they educate us on their rental criteria, and keep us updated with any move-in specials.

We work with hundreds of communities!  Instead of meeting and/or calling multiple leasing agents over the span of days/weeks to discuss multiple options, you are able to sit down with ONE agent to discuss multiple options!  We are industry professionals with expert knowledge on rentals rates, availability, rental criteria, amenities, and move-in specials.  We will drastically reduce the time you’ll spend looking for an apartment.



What are the fees and costs to working with a locator?

Apartment locating is a FREE service!  You will get the same rental rate and will still be eligible for any available move-in specials.  In fact, it’ll cost you NOT to work with us…

  • Time off work or PTO used:  X hrs missed = $?
  • Gas: Gas used driving around = $?
  • Application fees: $40 – $75 per adult if you’re declined
  • Deals and move-in specials:  This could be well over $1000 if you missed out on something you didn’t know about  

We do run a pre-screening if there is anything negative with the credit, rental history, or criminal background. That report gives us information we need to prevent denials the best we can. That report costs $15 to run.

Who can I help?

There are many variables to a rental application, so it is difficult to give a black and white answer.  Credit, income, rental history, number of occupants, pets, background, and the availability of a co-signer can all play a major factor in a denial or approval.  It is best to evaluate each situation on a case by case basis, though this might help:

Here’s who I currently cannot help:

  • No “low income”, section 8, HUD, or anything similar EXCEPT for the cities of Phoenix and Tempe
  • No leases less than 6 months or month to month rentals
  • No furnished rentals
  • No private owners
Do I do house or townhouse rentals?

Yes, as long as an applicant is qualified for one.

Is a specific unit listed available?

Availability changes within the day!  The AZ rental market is a fast one, and any available unit could be rented before you finish reading this answer. Please take note of the posted date, and feel free to stop by my office if you’re interested in a unit posted within 24 hrs. 

I recommend that anyone interested in renting an apartment schedule a meeting as soon as they are ready to apply and take a unit off the market. At the end of the day, I work with lots of communities, so there is always something available. We’ll be able to discuss the most accurate availability at my desk.

What is the deposit/move-in cost?

Security deposits vary from community to community. In addition, security deposits vary based on income, credit, and rental history. There is no way to know the exact cost of any security deposit until your application has come back from screening.

As a rule of thumb, good credit, good rental history, and plenty of income will yield a low to $0 security deposit. Bad credit, bad rental history, and/or low income will generally require a higher security deposit, up to a month and a half.

Move-in cost vary based on the move-in date, security deposit, and any additional one-time fees (garage remote deposit, admin fee, pet fee and deposit, etc). Furthermore, move-in cost are highly affected by any move-in special.

I can generally give someone a close estimate of their move-in cost during our meeting; however, no-one will know the exact cost until the rental screening has been completed.

Why do I not list the community name or give the address?

I am a real estate agent that gets paid by the apartment communities to fill their vacancies.  That is why there is no cost to you, and why I am able to give you information like pricing, availability, move-in specials, and rental criteria for hundreds of places. 

In order for these apartment communities to pay me, I am required to go over rental qualifications to make sure I am sending them qualified applicants.  I also need to know who is going where, so I can do my necessary paperwork.